Monday, February 21, 2011

Color du Jour

Recently I bought a t-shirt that was a little bit different color than I usually wear. To my surprise, I got a multitude of compliments on the color! Something about how it matched my eyes, etc. The color is:
Please ignore the awkward expression on my face and the neck wrinkles. And the poor lighting. Thank you.

Aqua blue. I'm finding that it makes me feel kinda "sparkly." I'm thinking that I need to have more of this color in my wardrobe.

So what's your color du jour and why???

**Tip of the day**
Do not, under any circumstances, spill green smoothies onto any type of fabric. It stains. It stains badly.
Please don't ask me why I know this.
Just trust me.
Don't do it.


GGMA said...

I love the color on you. Aqua is one of your colors! Also like the design. Where did you find it?

Momza said...

Teal is one of my favorite colors on me. But royal blue is MY color.
love the blouse!

RhondaLue said...

I like black, mainly because I'm fat and want to hide as much as possible. ha ha (but really) :)

You look AMAZING! In any color!

Amy said...

My color du jour is the same as yours because I basically look exactly like you except with different hair.

And I am SO cool with that!

angieinpink said...

mine's green. :)

love the look great in anything.

Joy For Your Journey said...

My color is always purple. Although I probably look better in blue due to my eyes.

But I love your shirt. Not only is the color great, but it is really cute--and I didn't even notice the wrinkles or anything else you point out for us to not notice. :-)

And I will be careful with green smoothies!