Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Life: A project in process....

Hi there, just checking in! I can come up with the most brilliant ideas for post topics (especially in the shower-my best thinking time), but when it comes to follow through-well, sometimes it ain't happenin'.

So my momma doesn't worry too much about me, here's another photo montage of the latest and greatest around here, as it appears at this exact moment......

Project in process....I passed by a Pottery Barn tablescape and fell in love with it. Of course it had about 10,000 more tchotchkes on it than my table does, but we gotta be real here people... cuz we be real people. One thing missing are the artfully arranged fleurs that need to be placed in the "vase." And I'm certainly not buying them from Pottery Barn, even at a 10% discount! (Thanks Jess for letting me use your 10% discount coupon so I could buy the "vahz" and placemats) (P.S. credit for fabric goes to Scrapbooks, Etc-yes a scrapbook store that carries fabric....) (P.P.S  credit for fabric choice goes to mwah---polka dot on reverse side-uber cute!)
Another project in process......refilling of the pool after acid wash. Pool boy says "it was the worst job he'd ever done." Meh....last year the pool boy from the same company told me that the plaster was in fine shape and I didn't need an acid wash.....hence the reason we waited another year.......(not looking forward to the water bill)  But the plaster is looking mighty white and sparkly!
Project in process???? What the?  My garden this year has been CRAZY. If you can't see it, there is a teeny tiny broccoli floret growing on the teeny tiny plant. Usually the plant is about 5 times this size when the fleur appears.......Freeze, warm, freeze, warm...that's been the name of the game. I think I'm going to have to buy lettuce again sooner this year too.....sniff . It's almost time for the spring/summer garden planting too.
Another project in process. ..... (do I sense a theme here?)
Project in process..... study of this book. They told us at the training meeting that it was a "treasure." Boy, howdy are they ever right!  I've gotten tons of inspiration just from the first two chapters!
Ever ongoing project in process. Eating healthier. Eating more green stuff....

Welp, there you have it. My ongoing life is an ongoing project.
And Blogger is being super dumb and not letting me manipulate my photos or line justification......
Back atcha' later!!


GGMA said...

Thank you for keeping your momma up to date. There is a weird gene passed down from some benighted ancestor which makes us keep busy with "projects." Should I yell or say thank you.

RhondaLue said...

your table is gorgeous! And that pool is going to make me SO jealous in 3 months!

Great post, loved the pics and the projects!