Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Vain

Over the course of the last few months, I have come across some wonderful blogs, amazing writers and touching stories, one of which is A Daily Scoop, written by Stephanie Waite, a young mom who lost a little girl at the age of 17 months. Her writing is brilliant and she wrote a post titled "In Vain."

She writes that whenever they speak the name of her deceased daughter, it is always with reverence. Then she compares it to the way we speak of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She knows the pain of losing her precious daughter, and always wants those to speak of her tenderly and with reverence. She ponders on how our Heavenly Father must feel when His children use His holy Son's name irreverently and disrespectfully.

I've been pondering the words of that post for weeks. When we speak of sweet Ella, we do so with tenderness and reverence. Her name will always be precious to us. She will remain a sacred special piece of our hearts forever.

Do I do the same with my Savior Jesus Christ? I have never spoken His name in vain. But I have covenanted to take His name upon me. Do I demonstrate respect, honor and reverence for His name through my daily actions?  Do I take His name in vain by the way I act or speak?  Is His name precious to me? Do I hold in the same sacred regard my brothers and sisters?

I've often reflected on this and pray that my life will always honor His holy name, thereby honoring and respecting my Heavenly Father.


Momza said...

I've followed Stephanie and her Daily Scoop for a few years now, and she is truly a lovely woman and mother.
I've used her blogs in my RS lessons too...she is just a very inspired sister.

Reno said...

What a nice post to start my Sunday morning with. Thank you.

Kassi Jane said...

i went and checked out her blog...yep i started to cry a bit!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sweet post. And a great reminder.

RhondaLue said...

I think you do a very good job of it. :)

I follow her blog as well, she is a great writer and a testament to living with Faith and Endurance.

Kerin said...

Sure is a good reminder for us.
I will have to read up on her blog one of these days.
We sure are blessed to have such great sources of inspiration.
You are a source of inspiration and strength for me ..... thank you .

Nancy Face said...

Such beautiful words. :)

Kristin Klein said...

A beautiful and thoughtful post - caused me to reflect for a bit it did - thank you . . .