Saturday, February 26, 2011

A la the Snapple Commercial-Stuff

I giggle every time I watch the Snapple commercials......So here's the Stuff....
Hung out with these guys a couple of days last week while mommy was gone. (photo taken at my house)
LOVE this photo. Look at the concentration. Mom---this is Jen's youngest. Can you believe it??? Dontcha just want to nibble on those chubby cheeks??
Got some fake hydrangeas for my tablescape. Since there is no way in this life I'll ever be able to grow real ones here in AZ, I have to content myself with the fake. Momza-do I need a few more? Do they need to be taller? (I didn't cut their fake stems)
Finished this top--now I need to quilt it!
There is something so satisfying about going outside and selecting a few items from my garden to add to my dinner..... These are onions and cilantro.  You narthern gotta grow something this summer! Really-it's super fun! The "bowl" in the photo is my salad spinner, an indispensible item in my kitchen inventory. A necessary tool when you garden and/or eat lots of they're cheap!

Not pictured......doing lots and lots of reading about eating healthy, went to a couple of classes, lots of church stuff, hanging out with kids stuff.....the usual momstuff.......


Momza said...

Is there anything better than your sacred grandchildren?!
And fresh veggies from the garden--we have snow on the ground here this lucky you!
And your hydrangeas are lovely. They do grow up here in the Springs, blooming in June I think. I love those and peonies.
Looks like life is good for you, dear sister! Enjoy these days.

Cherie said...

Your grandchildren are sooo adorable :-D
That quilt top is fabulous - I hope I can do some of those for my grandchildren too - something special.
Oh my - Your salad looks wonderful but it is still to cold in my neck of the woods for salad - I'm still eating chili and hot soup!
Have a great weekend and enjoy your salad and sunshine!

Reno said...

You grandchildren are cute. And the quilt top also. Wish I knew how to do that. It's fun to see the 'stuff'. Thanks for sharing.

Granny J said...

Ditto to the others comments!
It's cold and very windy here so no fireburning...therefore we're canning! At least the kitchen is warm.
This is definitly the time of year to live in your neck of the woods!

Granny J said...

Uhhmmm, I just saw pictures of the mountains surrounding your valley and they have SNOW on them...I guess I'll just stay home! ;) Hope your garden survived.

Nancy Face said...

What a fantastic quilt top! I seem to have more success making quilt tops than actually quilting and finishing them!

I have the same salad spinner! It's pretty much my best friend...we spend time together EVERY DAY! No joke!