Monday, August 29, 2011


This morning I'm sitting numbly in front of the computer screen.
Why? Mostly because of
Unfinished Business.
Remember that nice wood floor in the following post?
I have a 24 in gap between the tile in the entry and the beginning of the wood floor, with a nice concrete pathway.
Because the installer had to rip out a row of tile and the tile needed to replace it and complete the flooring project is somewhere in Mexico.

We have furniture strategically placed all over the house.
Since we can't move it back into the room.
Until the floor is done.
Until the internet hookup gets done.
Until the ceiling fan gets installed.
Until the electrician comes to install the electrical outlet for the ceiling fan.
Until I order the ceiling fan.
And until I decide where everything is going to go,
Nothing gets done.


Last week I noticed that my pool cleaner wasn't doing it's happy dance along the bottom of the pool.
So I yanked it out (it's only two months old)
Pulled it apart, a piece of plastic fell out.
And I haven't had time to take it to the store to find out what is wrong with it.
More unfinished business.

I've got to make changes in church stuff.
Like visiting teaching assignments.
Other assignments.
And it's really weighing on my brain.
More unfinished business.

It's been so crazy hot here that my garden plan has completely flown out the window.
Everything has gotten pushed back two weeks.
I bought a Groupon thingie to a garden store about 3 months ago.
It's going to expire in a few days.
And I haven't had the time to go to the store (in Phoenix)
And redeem it.
More unfinished business.

It's hard to overcome the intertia when there are so many things that need to be done, but because I am waiting for someone/something else to finish them off, I'm stuck.

So I need to get off my lazy whiny behind right now and go see if I can get SOMETHING FINISHED.


Granny J said...

OH Boy!...I can relate....the "hurry up and wait" mode! We started our "project" on July 12!....I've been in that mode ALL summer! Why is it taking soooo long...'cause I don't want to make decisions and I don't really care...after all, living downstairs isn't so bad. ;) Best wishes!

Jessica said...

Go Mama!! You can do it! Its just the case of the Mondays. Doesn't matter if you are in the office or at home. You get it. Its a disease we all suffer from. Love you bunches. Hope your to-dos turns into ta-dones... :)

Kerin said...

I hear ya!
I have a list 4 pages long of stuff that needs to get completed.
Life gets busy!
Best of luck getting your list done :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like our 5 day roof project that lasted a month!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sorry but I am laughing. I can relate all too well. But here I sit writing on blogs instead of getting my work done. :-)