Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thoughts at 9:15 pm

1. I'm feeling like I'm coming down with something tonight-ug-no time for this.
2. I can come up with brilliant ideas for posts, but then I don't have time to write them, and when I do have time, I have crickets chirping in the brain cells. Or blogger isn't working.
3. I'm spending lots of time with family.
4. I'm doing lots of reading.
5. I'm playing with fabric and having a great time, making gifts and Christmas presents, so I can't share.
6. I know I'm lame, thinking about Christmas in August.
7. Busy doing church work.
8. Just got back from a Thrive Food Storage "party." The jury is still out on this. Some things were good, some not so much. I don't think I'm ready to sign up for their "Q" list.
9.  It's been cloudy nearly every day since I got back from Utah.
10. Rain?  Not so much.
11.  Dust?  Lots.
12. I get a house cleaning frenzy and my house looks great for a week, then I'm never home and it all falls apart
13. I'm starting to plan my fall garden---yippee!
14. Last week was the first day of school. It was the first day since 1982 that I haven't sent a kid off to public school.  Can I say relieved?
15. I made eggplant parmesan for the first time. Not too sure if I'm a fan. Prob because I wasn't super hungry at the time. It smelled good tho.
16. My missionary boy got transferred to Valdez, Alaska the LAST six weeks of his mission. He had 4-5 baptisms set up and 10 investigators. I'm sad for him.  He is definitely getting to see the great state of Alaska. He will be home in six weeks (and one day).
17. Gearing up for a minor reno project in the house. We are putting wood floors in our front room and making it into a den/office. I'm tired of having the wasted space and we need some room for the grandkids to play when the missionary boy comes home in six weeks (and one day).
18.  It didn't get below 90 degrees yesterday. That means the LOW temp was 90. Niiiice.
19. Getting ready for a presidency meeting tomorrow night and working on the never-finished visiting teaching lists.
20. I think that's it. I've pretty much emptied out the old brain, for the time being. It's time for a warm bath with a little lavendar and maybe a Tylenol or two....

Good night.


Granny J said...

Once again....I start sanding my new wood floor in master bath/closet/husband's "craft" room. Not looking forward to the mess it's gonna make! Will love it when it's finished...48 hours...I know I can, I know I can!

Amy said...

Glad I was part of the "spending time with family part!" Love you, Mum! Had a blast yesterday. I might go back to Nordstrom Rack and get those shirts after. Problem is, I need a new pair of shoes too. heh heh. I'm so bad.

P.S. What are you going to do with all that lovely furniture in that, ahem, "wasted space?"

Reno said...

I like these 'brain emptier' posts. Sorry you're not feeling well though. And horrified at the temperature there- although it isn't much better here.
I sent my first child to school in 1977 and my baby is a senior this year. Since he'll be leaving on a mission next year, I don't think I'll feel relief. Can't think about it now.

Kerin said...

Wow! It's terrific that you get your missionary home in just a few more weeks!! Boy does time fly :)
Seems that you are staying busy and happy.
Hope that this week is a great one for you :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

It sounds like you have a lot on your mind.

And I made eggplant parmesan the other day--heard it was good for putting someone into labor. Anyway--didn't work for labor, but we loved it!! I have never liked it before so I am not sure what the difference was.

Good luck with those Christmas presents!! Good for you! Christmas hasn't even come close to hitting my radar screen yet.

Jessica said...

You know what I realized. You can buy Thrive at that Preparing Wisely place....