Sunday, August 7, 2011

What my Garden has Taught me

This photo was taken about six weeks ago.
It looks vastly different now.
Almost everything green has shriveled and died and is roasting comfortably in the compost pile.

Some things were failures, some things were successes.
I have a difficult time growing things in the late spring/summer here.
But I have that gardener's optimism that next time it will be better.

We found a fabulous place for compost.
For the Locals--Singh's Farm east of the 101 and Thomas Road.
It's like a Garden of Eden oasis in the middle of the city.
While walking on a foot of spongy, soft compost.

When I was in Utah early in the summer,
I visited my Dad's neighbor across the street.
He showed me his garden.
It was gorgeous, just starting, he had plants that I will never be able to grow in AZ.

And I realized that it was time to stop comparing my garden to others.
He has different soil, different climate, different watering needs, different everything.
And I needed to be content with my little patch.
And continue to "grow" and learn within my own sphere of experience.

Wouldn't that be a little bit like life?


Granny J said...

Love it! I'm curious...what was your topic for today in RS?

Marilyn said...

Lacie-I'm reading it through again right now...It is being a peacemaker and being unified, both from conference talks. We are having a little problem with a couple of sisters who are creating some bad feelings, although they will probably not show up to hear it-that's usually what happens, right? I'm always SO nervous because I have to give it in Spanish. (I use lots of quotes and scriptures) ;)

Mo said...

How right you are Marilyn! I feel the same that we need to embrace what we have and where we are in life, and in gardening. I find that each year I am more settled here in the desert and have less of a yearning to be somewhere greener. Perhaps that shows growth for me? I hope so anyway. Love Singhs farm, glad you have found them! :)

Momza said...

We tend what can tend wherever we are and that is enough.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Marilyn--My daughter is expecting a baby any day and I was telling her about the post you wrote after the delivery of one of your grandbabies about the circle of sisters. I loved that and wanted her to read it before she gives birth but I don't know how to find it on your blog. Could you possibly send me a link to that. My email address is lswgww at aol dot com. Thanks so much!!

Kerin said...

Makes me remember this little saying...'bloom where you are planted.'
Have a great week!

Jessica said...

Ok mom - I love you, but seriously you are the one person we can all count on to update the ole blog. I know you have time....come on now, fill us in on the goings on of your life. I know i see you almost every day, but its fun to read about it too. :)