Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Facts on Friday

Or should I double that since I missed last week??

1.  I missed last week because we were traveling most of the day. The funny thing is, the night before I had watched some crazy show about flying on TLC. They were showing all the hassles and problems people confront when traveling. The very next day I felt like I was living that show as we were sitting on the runway, waiting for the pilot to "fix" a problem in the aircraft. Uh.....yea.....I'm super glad they discovered the problem while on the ground and not in mid air. I'm also very thankful that we were sitting on the aircraft in Monterey, California, and NOT in Phoenix, Arizona, because everything had to be shut down for awhile, including air conditioning, and it would have been miserable in Phoenix.

2.  Speaking of Monterey, I did not take ONE picture with my camera. Shameful, I know. I took a few with my Iphone. I just didn't feel like lugging around my heavy DSLR camera.

Gorgeous succulents, I'm going to get some for me! We did a lot of walking
 Toured Pebble Beach and this is the famous logo of the Pebble Beach Golf clubs. P.S. It was COLD COLD COLD!
 We stayed on Cannery Row. Monterey is rich in history. Wherever we go, I love to hear about the history of the places we visit.

3.   After arriving home, we jumped right back into life. I was kind of dreading returning to the desert temperatures, after freezing for almost a week, but we were blessed with fabulous weather from the weather gods for Memorial Weekend. I spent almost all weekend outside schlepping around my garden.

Despite the hot temperatures, we have been getting a steady supply of cucumbers, peppers and squashes. My tomatoes are SICK again! I yoinked out a couple of too-far-gone plants and I'm hoping the best for the rest.

4.   This past week was full with family, family, family.  We inaugurated the pool for the summer season on Memorial Day.
Soaking in some sun.
 Cute little preglet! Less than 8 weeks to go!! All is well with the little one
Gettin' crazy with the big boys.
 They decided to match today....(nope this is not her momma)

 He was freezing cold, his teeth were chattering.
 That lily white skin pretty much blew out the photo. Left over from the days in Alaska!
Spent lots of time this week with grandkids. No that is not a mirror image. It says "grandma."
 Kindergarten grad.
 She loves to sit on grandma's lap.

5.   I have no bedroom furniture!  A friend of Jen's, who is a brand-new interior designer, came over to check out my house and give me some suggestions.  She had some ideas for my bedroom and suggested I sell the furniture to fund the new design. I said, sure! TL agreed that it was fine, I put the posting on Craigslist.....
SOLD!  In less than five hours.......We will be sleeping on the floor on our mattress until we figure out what to do next................

Five Facts!!


Momza said...

Busy busy busy as usual.
It's still too cold to go swimming here.
Supposed to get up to 80o today so we'll see.
Your granbabies are beautiful and so is Amy! I'm so very excited for her new little one to arrive safely and soundly here soon! I get a little choked up just thinking about that!
You have a beautiful life, Marilyn.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I sure wish those weather God's would work their magic and bring back that nice weather!! We are going to an outdoor wedding tonight and it is supposed to be around 110 degrees!! Unfortunately just wearing a light sheet isn't an option.

Loved hearing about your trip--and seeing all the pictures of your family.

Thanks also for your comment on my blog! I would love to get the addresses of the family members in Guadalajara. You can email me at lswgww at when you have them. I check that email address every day. Thanks!

Reno said...

I have to tell you that I'm glad I found your blog a couple of years ago. I enjoy reading about you and your garden and your family but what made a huge difference in my life was the post you did about Julie Beck and the 4 things she did each morning. I adopted that plan and it is wonderful. Thank you for helping my testimony.

Kerin said...

Looks and sounds like you had a blast on your vacation!
I'm so happy for you!!

As you already know.. our temps were brrrr cold.
In fact, we lost most of our tomatoes, and all of our squash.
Ahhh.. the joys of living in Utah :)

Darling picture of you and your ONE TRUE LOVE!
He's a trooper to let his picture be taken :)
We are all camera shy around here.

You have such cutie-pie grands.
How fun to be able to spend time with them, and make memories.

I can relate with the furniture delemma. We did that one time too... sold our M.B. furniture.
Can't wait to see what you decide to get to replace it!

Smiles :)

Amy said...

I look like I swallowed a basketball.

I love hearing about the history of places too. So fun. Can't wait till we can go on trips to places with history older than our country. ;)