Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

I've had lots of tips running through my head the last few days, but the one I'm going to share today is the most pressing thing on my mind the last 24 hours.

I've been having lots of shoulder pain lately. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I've been told by my doctor that often times women of my "certain age" get frozen shoulder....... just because. I've been trying to avoid this problem by stretching, massage and adjustments, but sometimes the stress of life becomes too overwhelming and it catches up with me. 

My shoulders have been KILLING me the last few days. But I completely forgot to heed my own advice. You know the old fashioned remedy of soaking in an epsom salt bath?
So it turns out there is some science behind all this.  Epsom salts are just pure old magnesium sulfate. And magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant.  Remember how when you go to the hospital for pre-term labor and they shoot you full of stuff that makes you all jittery but stops the uterus from contracting?  It's magnesium. So too much magnesium probably isn't a good thing. But I'll share a little story.

Last year TL suffered from some major back spasms. He couldn't even stand up straight. I took him to my trusty myopractor and he was able to release a little of the tension but he told him to go home and soak in some epsom salts. Well, I know very few men who enjoy soaking in a hot tub, the only exception being my sons, who love to read in the tub, however, that may be TMI.  He absolutely refused.  So I sat him in a recliner, and had him soak his feet in a nice warm epsom salt mixture, and gave him about 500 mg of magnesium tablets.  It really seemed to assist in the healing of his spasms.

So last night, I took my hot epsom salt bath and tossed back a few magnesium pills and I can honestly say that I was able to sleep better and woke up with less tension.   I'm not a doctor and not prescribing this as the cure for all ills, but it sure helps me out!

I just need to remember to heed my own advice.  And maybe get rid of a little more stress........


Granny J said...

Love this! I'm going to give it a try and perhaps by neck and head pain will subside. Thanks!

Kerin said...

So happy for you that you were able to get some relief from your pain!!

Thanks for the reminder of the healing benifits fo simple epsom salts.

Smiles :)

p.s. Hope you are able to get some stress relief too.... maybe take the phone off the hook, and read a great book :)

Reno said...

My husband needs to try this! Thanks for the tip.

Amy said...

Bret soaked in an epsom salt bath when he was sore after his hike and it helped. He doesn't love baths either but he'll take one if he's not feeling good.
Someday we'll hopefully be able to get one he can fit in!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a great coincidence! My husband has been complaining all day that his shoulder is hurting. Now I know just what to buy him in the morning!!

I just read your comment on my blog. Thanks for that. And we have a lot of connections--besides Deeny there is Connie Brown and Rena Brooks. And probably more if we looked for them.

I am hoping to keep a blog while on our mission but I don't know what the rules are for our area. The church itself does not have a problem with blogs, but some area authorities have banned them for different reasons. Since I can't find any blogs from Mexico, I think our area may be one of the banned ones. I hope not though.

Good luck with your shoulder!!