Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Facts on Friday

1. I've been getting up at a ridiculously insane early hour to go out and walk before the sun is up. Somehow it tricks my body into the fact that I don't live in Satan's backyard in the summer because it's less than 80 degrees at 5:30 am.  After the sun gets going, fuggedaboutit. Too hot.

2.  Relative to the hot weather, I finally broke down and got a pool boy this year (giggle). Yep, he's kinda cute. I can't believe I waited this long to get someone to take care of the pool.  It is SO nice to have a sparkling clean pool to jump into without fussing over the maintenance all the time. It doesn't feel like a bathtub yet so we have enjoyed it a lot so far.

3.  Every morning TL asks me, "so what's on your schedule today?" As I looked around my house this morning, I realized I was staring at my schedule.  We hosted a bachelorette party last night, (see #4), I got some free corn yesterday (yay!!) which needs to be processed and frozen (did 21 bags on Tuesday), the laundry needs to be finished, and there are a myriad of odds and ends that need to be tied up, including replenishing my water supply.......never ends does it? The FIRST thing on my list tho, is get a pedicure! (let's get our priorities straight around here, right?)

A bunch of cute and crazy excited girls, hopping into the limo to go pick up the bride for dinner.  They returned a couple of hours later to play "put the kiss on the stud" and open the lingerie gifts (I discretely retreated at that point to allow them their fun).  Alyssa planned the whole thing and it was really fun.  One of the girls commented, "wow, you guys have the perfect party house!"  Meaning that my kitchen/dining/family room is huge and open.  She's right, we do have a party house. We host a LOT of parties. In fact, we are hosting Amy's baby shower in a couple of weeks.  YIKES!

5.  We are in the process of spreading germs around here again. Daniel came home with it first and has been dragging around ever since. Kid #2, Alyssa, is out for the count today. She had to call into work. Too much partying.  I've been feeling like it's headed my way too.  NOOOOOO!  I've got too much to do next week.

Five facts.

Oh, here's an extra random fact thrown in. I turned off the comment verification. Giving it a try again and hopefully I won't get a ton of spam.  So if you haven't commented in the past because it's crazy annoying, go for it!  :-)


Momza said...

Marilyn, I have said this before and I'm sayin' it again, OH how I wish I had lived near you when we were "in Satan's backyard"--it woulda been so much more fun!

Amy said...

Mom, you're so cute!
FREE corn??? How'd you score that?
Glad Lyss had so much fun (too much?) at her big party. I was so excited for her, I wished I could have gone too! But that would have been tacky.

Anonymous said...

The Party House is what you get for all that miserable redecorating that you did. How neat to have a place where everyone can meet!

Kerin said...

You are always going a million miles a minute!
Even at 5:30 am!!
I have to confess.... early, early morning is my favorite time of day... heat or not :)

How lucky to get so much corn to preserve! Lucky you!!

Have a great weekend!

Smiles :)

p.s. Thanks for turning off word verification... I have the hardest time reading those crazy letters ~~LOL!!