Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Well hello there! I'm taking a few moments to check back in.  I've been noticeably absent for awhile. I really don't need to explain why.......but I'm kind of purging my brain at the moment.

A while back I had posted something on my Five Facts on Friday that had completely offended someone. This person wrote me a really nasty message that totally and completely crushed me. Now I know someone will say, this is your blog and you can say what you want, but the person accused me of being someone that I am NOT. I decided to remove the post (nope you can't find it) and I've been pondering whether or not I want to continue with blogging. Blogging is a really public forum, and I know that I can't please everyone every time, but much of what goes on in my life may not be for public consumption. I've been evaluating what the purpose of this blog is and whether it should continue.  I'm leaning more towards continuing it, due to the pleadings of my dear mother, who lives far away, and also a few of my kids who actually read it.  I love reading other people's blogs and so I guess someone else may be interested in my regular little life. I also need to develop a little tougher skin if I'm going to put myself "out there."

Secondly, I've been LIVING life and not really writing about it much. I'm either going crazy doing too much, or spending time recovering from doing too much. (If there is any middle ground, please educate me on how to reach it!!) For example today I have to make bread for the Pioneer trek coming up this week. Each ward/branch was assigned a certain number of loaves to make and so the task fell to little ol' me because not too many of my dear Hispanic sisters know how to make bread and today there is not enough time to teach someone how to make it. So with the assistance of one of my English speaking sisters, the task will be done today.  There's also some service to be done this morning and just the regular everyday stuff like having clean clothes and food on the table....oh yeah, the house needs to be shoveled out occasionally.

I've always had a problem with journaling and keeping track of my life. As I get older I realize that I'm not going to be here forever, and if I can at least get a few highlights down, well maybe it will prove that I did do something in this world!

So for my mama, I'm going to continue. Realize that what you read is only a tiny snippet of my life and thoughts, and if everything seems all peachy keen, well, it may be that I cannot share everything that is rumbling around in my head, at least publicly.

Okay, I gotta go clean up my bread mess. Before I do, I want to share a favorite photo from our trip.
I'm watching my baby fall in love. It's sweet and tender and bittersweet because I realize that my nest will be emptying sooner than I think. No! There is no announcement! But I heartily endorse this wonderful young man.........


Reno said...

I can't imagine you posting anything that would offend. I don't really 'know' you but I enjoy reading your blog and as I've indicated before, you've inspired me. So I'm glad that you are continuing your blog.

Momza said...

Yea! for blogging! I got chewed out royally over a post that I thought was hilarious! I did the same thing, I took it off. But really, it makes me smile just thinking about it.
Living Life takes time and energy--there's not always time to sit and review it. I am so looking forward to the post about a certain little boy's arrival though. So you'd better re-cap that for us! Congrats to the cutie in your house.

Granny J said...

That's why mine is private...we are so pcincorrect...I would have to use way to much energy trying to convince people that our family should be allowed to live. ;)And I'm with Reno and're part of us now ...there's no going back! ;)

Amy said...

Someone yelled at my mama?????

Let me at 'em.


I read your blog too, even if I don't always comment. Love you, Mom. You're the greatest!