Sunday, July 29, 2012

My latest Obsessions:

Obviously this little guy. It was amazing to me how much he changed in a few days! The photo above was taken just before we left the hospital last week. Can you see the little "lo-jack" on his right leg?  The hospitals put them on babies as a security device to prevent baby snatching. What is this world coming to?
 First time in new car seat!
Grandma rocking his lusciousness!
 Momma giving him his first bath at home. He didn't like it much at first, but then calmed down.
In honor of the Olympics, she dressed him in this for one of our outings. She received some darling stuff from some friends in Wales. Thanks Theresa! She LOVES it, but I don't think he will be able to wear this much longer due to his enormous size.

I'm not going to be with her this week, sniff, because I have to catch up on my own life-how boring is that! They live an hour away but I'm thinkin' I may have to make a quick trip just to give him squeezes and kisses!
Next obsession.......I bought this book and I'm anxious to get started on making some of the quilts. The premise of the book is how to use up all your stash and scraps. I'm thinking it's going to be an awesome way to get nearly free quilt tops!
Downton Abbey. I think I watched more movies while I was with Amy than I have in the past six months. We had just gotten started on this series, and we were interrupted, so I went home and watched the entire first season on Netflix on Saturday afternoon! Now I'm salivating for season 2 and trying to figure out how I can watch it for free or nearly free. It's agony! Season 3 doesn't start until January 2013.....
Speaking of movies, Amy & I also watched the BBC Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Eyre. I was able to find the book for free to download to my iPad and now I'm obsessed with reading it!  I remember trying to read it when I was much younger but had a difficult time because it was so "dark" to me. Plus the fact that any time my mom wanted me to read something she considered a "classic," I would rebel and refuse to read it.  Like how I refused to read "The Secret Garden" for over 35 years and when I finally did, I LOVED it. Sorry momma, you are right.....

Sheesh-after re-reading this post, I'm thinking I should title this.."my British obsessions.....Thanks to the influence of my sweet anglophile, Amy!

So now I'm trying to figure out how to cram all these current obsessions into my life and still keep up with  "real life."    {sigh}


Kassi Jane said...

you can watch the 2nd season on Hulu
I love love love it too!
and that new baby is so adorable!

Kerin said...

He is adorable!
No wonder he's your latest obsession.

Looks like a great way to make quilts. You'll have to let us know how it works out!!

Hope this is a great week for you, and you are able to get everything done that you'd like to :)

Smiles :)

Amy said...

I'm telling you, the Brits know their stuff.

I'm a bit obsessed with that little boy myself. For some reason....

Granny J said...

Classic movies...the ones you named are great but you MUST watch Cranford! I watched and wove solid for a week, I finally couldn't take the self control any longer!

Great post!