Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday-What's on your iPhone?

A random representation of the fotos I've taken recently on my phone. Six in no particular order.....
Ridiculous photo of Daniel taken during our recent (rare) heavy rain. He's trying out his old raincoat that he wore in Alaska. Just checking to see if it still keeps him dry.

It did.

Don't ask me the significance of him wearing the lava lava. You may have seen this one on facebook.

Photo taken at Home Goods and sent to Jessica for opinions. I  frequently send photos to my offspring so I can make sure that I don't make a horrible mistake in a purchase, especially with clothing. The pillow on the left was mine. It currently resides on our sectional.  I nixed the one on the right. It was too scratchy to cuddle up with while sleeping on the sectional. (she liked it tho-guess I do have a little taste)
Another ridiculous photo taken of my son in law in Oceanside. He's demonstrating the Donald Duck beak purchased at Disneyland. It was the only thing my 7 year old grandson wanted.
It takes many hands to french braid hair. Since it was so cold at the beach, we spent nearly one whole day inside. The girls played hair. The boys played cards.
 We aren't sleeping on the floor anymore!!!
Photo taken of an impending dust storm. I was driving fast to try to get where I was going before it hit.  They are called haboobs. Why, I have no idea. We all love saying the name over and over just for laughs.

I know this is more than six, but I COULDN'T resist adding an extra one of little guy's first bath at home.  He is luscious!!!!
So that it for my photos for the last month or so.....
What about yours?


Momza said...

So fun to see what you & your gang have been up to, Marilyn!
You do have good taste--that one pillow is covered in what's called "document" fabric and is very "IN" right now. But you're right, it's not a comfort fabric.
Your little grandson is precious! Love new babies!

Amy said...

I agree that snuggly pillows are better even though I also love the one with writing on it.

I love how you spelled "fotos." A cute, quirky nod to your spanish skills!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Thanks for your comment on my mission blog! I hope I will get to meet your friends. There is a good chance they will live in our mission since it is closer to the medical school!

Love your pictures. I am glad you clarified your son was wearing a lava lava. From the picture I thought it was something a little more frilly. :-)

So I just read the first comment. I didn't even notice you had written "fotos". And then I kept thinking, "How else would you write it?" Maybe I am starting to get this language after all. :-)