Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Facts on Friday

What? It's Friday already???

It's been raining like crazy! I took this photo of the river outside my back door on Monday night.  It has been raining EVERY day since then. If it keeps it up-I may be able to grow tropical plants outside! However, I love it because the AC kicks on less due to the "cooler" temps and the overcast skies and I get FREE water! Thank you Heavenly Father!

Speaking of plants.....the garden isn't producing much. With the earlier temps in the 115 range, flowers don't set fruit. My peppers are bravely hanging in there, except they've gotten really slammed with the heavy downpours.
 I've yoinked out most of the plants just to let the soil rest. Another reason I'm happy for the rain is that it is helping leach out the heavy salts we've had......lesson #1 in gardening: test your soil!! The grass is actually a couple of shades greener today!
This is just for show. I like having something green growing. Armenian cucumbers.
Rosemary, basil and hibiscus growing in the front. I acidifed the soil with some sulfur and the plants are MUCH happier.
I found a local nursery that grows plants that like the heat better and I've been SO happy with the results this year. This is the first year I've had zinnias all summer. It makes me happy to drive up and see flowers in the summer.
My poor battered rose trees along with the prolific  sweet potato plant. Nope, I don't get sweet potatoes but at least I get something growing in the heat. The roots of the plant help break up the soil too. I discovered this plant a couple of years ago and I've been really happy with the soil condition. They will get pulled as soon as it cools off enough for something else. 

My babies headed back to school. This wasn't the first day because I was at the gym when they left. Don't they look THRILLED???? Baby on the left turns 19 today!!!


Guess who came to visit me last week?  He's SO big, I can't believe it.  He was one month old on the 19th. He loves to sleep on people's chests. Just looking at these photos makes me want to munch his cheeks.

My name is Marilyn and I'm a fabricaholic. Seriously. I went to my favorite quilt/fabric store on Monday and pin basted two quilts. I had a free open lab coupon and it was awesome using their huge tables and way less hard on my back. Angry birds is still a WiP but I'm working on the binding. 

And now my confession. Last week after we got done with the dentist, hubby handed me his old gold tooth and told me to go sell the gold. So I did. $58 worth. Not much-but enough to go get some more fabric for another project!!!! See what lengths I will go to just to get fabric? I would never sell my body for it-but I'm not above selling other people's body parts!! 


Reno said...

That's so funny! Wonder if my husband would donate some of his gold to my cause?

Granny J said...

I liked everybit of this post but that last paragraph was a killer! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Kerin said...

Great post..
but seriously.. selling off the tooth? The best part!!
Gee.. hope no one starts grave robbing for old gold teeth.
I had NO idea they would be worth so much ~~~LOL!

Smiles :)