Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not five Facts and Not on Friday

We just arrived from a couple of days in Mexico. Hubby likes to go to the dentist there because it is so cheap. Ex: he had to have a bridge made with four teeth (poor guy) and was quoted $4500 our payment AFTER insurance. We paid $1050. My Amy cringes every time we talk about this, but this dentist has a modern office with all the computerized equipment, and exactly the same equipment and products used here in the States. He was trained in the US.  He was very gentle-I actually had my teeth cleaned by him-$35, a looooong overdue appointment for me. (you know how mom is sometimes last....)

So here's my pictorial tour of the last couple of days for your viewing enjoyment. I speak somewhat tongue-in-cheek.......We are really blessed to live in the United States. So many people wrinkle their noses at me and say that "Mexico is dirty." Well, if we weren't able to put our garbage in nice tidy plastic bags to be picked up at least twice a week, I don't know how clean we would be either. They just don't have the infrastructure, unfortunately, in their country to keep the roads up to par or make the nice straight sidewalks that we have. When they run out of money for a project, well, it just sits there. Nevertheless, the people are lovely, friendly, warm and happy. We had SO much fun talking to people. It was the first time I had been back to Mexico since my Spanish skills have improved and it was delightful.

View from our room. Please don't be jealous. It was VERY hot and VERY humid. We spent as little time outdoors as possible. This was definitely off-season. It rained a lot the next day. My next trip will be when it is cooler.
My Mexican refrigerator. I'm spoiled rotten and our room was less than stellar so we bought this to keep our bottled water cold. OXXO stores are kinda like Circle K. (we even found a Circle K there!)
I took this picture because hubs likes to find parking spots as close to the venue/store as possible. You can't get any closer than this!

Have you ever seen a speed limit sign with 18 mph? We haven't either and we were laughing hysterically when we saw this.
Did you know that Puerto Penasco has a Rodeo Drive?  We didn't either. Look closely at the sign. The second line reads "Mexican Rodeo Drive"  Another giggle.

Ahh Mexico! The road in the lower photo was actually the best one we drove on.

This was actually when I freaked out the most. This was taken less than a mile from the border. It had been raining a lot and the bridge was washed out (actually for more than several years). So we had to drive on the "desviacion" which is detour and I was scared to death to cross this. The water had gone down considerably by the time we arrived.
Hubs new hat. I laugh every time I see it. His souvenir from good ol' Mexico. I'll model the one I got for gardening in a future post.

So back safe and sound with a few new vocabulary words tucked under my belt.........
And for great grandma's viewing pleasure, another photo taken of the newest member of my family just a few days ago......
Nope-he doesn't speak Spanish-he just speaks cute.


Amy said...

He speaks cute!! Ah, I love that!

Dad's hat Cracks. Me. Up!!!

Momza said...

Your life is exciting and joyful!

Kerin said...

I've heard of people that go to Mexico for prescriptions... but never for the dentist.

Love that hat, and love that sweet grand.

Marion said...

That bridge/road/river is giving me a heart attack! Holy smokes! !! I'm glad you made it home to that sweet grandbaby safely :)