Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Lately in my spare time, I've been perusing quilt blogs. Many of them belong to fabric and quilt designers and I've learned a new acronym called WIP, which means Works in Progress. I usually have a dozen or more projects going on at one time but I'm currently working on a quilt for one of my grandsons and I'm super excited about it because I'm pretty much making it up as I go along.
It's Angry Birds!!! I actually bought four boxes of angry bird fruit snacks just for the pics on the outside of the box. I enlarged the photos and made appliques of the figures and placed them on a white background fabric.
I'm using an old pattern from another quilt I made and piecing all the pieces with fabric from my stash. I'm bound and determined to create this with as little expense as possible. It has been super fun creating the blocks in the primary "angry bird" colors. I've figured out that if I don't take time to be creative every week, I'm not a happy person and this week I'm VERY happy!

As the acronym implies, it's definitely a work in progress and I'll share the finished project....well... as soon as it is finished! After all, I've got to have something to do while it is 110+ outside every day!


Reno said...

What a terrific quilt! I'm sure your grandson will love it as much as my grandson would- if only I were a quilter.

Amy said...

Looks great, Mom!
WiP is on writer blogs too. Gotta love those acronyms.

Granny J said...

I love that you quilt in 110* temps...I'm looking forward to Fall/Winter to get the fabric out! WIP...those are all of my creative endeavors... Is there an acronym for finished projects 'cause I wouldn't know that nowaynohow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern. It's great!