Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News from the Garden Front

A couple of weekends ago I was itching to get the last garden box 100% FULL of dirt. So I called and asked the girl how much we needed and gave her the measurements. She said 4.5 ton. Ok-fine and dandy-it was delivered the next day.

Uhhh.....she was way off. We needed about half that much. We spent (mostly TL) the rest of the morning filling the garden box, and looking for other places to put the extra 2 ton of dirt. So now we have enough dirt to fill another box........(where, I don't know)

Aaand....if you live in the frozen north...NOW is the time to start planning your garden. I tried out these new greens this year and they are DELISH! It is a mesclun mix, and it's kind of nutty, spicy and YUMMY. It looks different than the leaf lettuce and you might think it looks like weeds, but it is really good and something good to mix into the salad bowl.

If you live in the sunny Southwest, it may be getting a little late to plant this, unless you go RIGHT NOW to the garden center and plant the seeds RIGHT NOW. Once it gets hot, forgetaboutit. They grow but they taste bitter.


Patrice said...

Man, I wish I had a garden box for you to fill. You are such a great gardener!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I always love seeing pictures of your garden. They inspire me.

Do you get LDSliving on line? They had an article today on the couple who did the Mormon Battallion re-enactment. Let me know if you don't get it or can't get access to it and I will send you the link.

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

They look so pretty and green!

It is still a little too early around here, the ground is frozen and covered with snow. I usually start my greens as soon as I can work the ground (around the 1st of March)and I am itching to get started!!!!

Momza said...

Is it a sin to have "Garden envy"?

I confess, I do! Oh the salads I could make with those beautiful green leaves!


John Taylor Family said...

K Still jealous...I needs a garden box :) It's great how you stay on top of things!

Allyson said...

Wow, I leave for a few days and I come much has happened.

--2 already--NO WAY! So cute!
--Happy 33! Looks like a fun time
I love San Diego area!
--luv the car he he!!
--thats a lot O dirt! seems like its too much or too little!
--can't wait to see U on the 28th!

Kassi Jane said...

your so inspiring! I need to get started soon!