Friday, February 6, 2009

Perplexing Questions

1. Why do 51 year old women get zits? Is it fair that I have to deal with hot flashes and zits too??

2. How come nobody knows how to change the toilet paper roll-except me?

3. Why do all children become mother deaf at age 2? This phenomenon continues until they are about.......about......about....well, my adult children listen to me, or at least they do a mighty fine job of pretending they are listening to me. (this phenomenon can occur frequently in husbands, especially when the words "honey can you take the garbage can out to the curb?" are spoken)

4. Why is it, when I tell people I have seven children, their eyes s.l.o.w.l.y. roll downwards to look at my stomach? Do they think there is another one in there?

That's all for today.

Anyone who has a reasonable answer for these questions is invited to comment.


Allyson said...

Those are all great questions, too bad I have NO IDEA!!

Perplexing indeed!

Patrice said...

Don't you love hearing, "you look great for having 7 kids!" I mean, can't I just look great!? Yeah, we get a lower standard because we had so many kiddos, I guess.

RhondaLue said...

You're too funny! When I tell people i have 6 kids they don't roll their eyes to my stomach but rather they pop out of their heads. Like I just told them I birthed an alien or something. Is it really all *THAT* incredulous? I think not.

What is incredible is that I'm not in a rubber room yet. Oh and I, too, spend way too much time replacing TP rolls)

thanks for the friday laughs!

Joy For Your Journey said...

That was hilarious! I could relate to it all too well. I too think it is terribly unfair for a woman to be peri-menopausal and get zits at the same time! What is up with that! And about the toilet paper! Oh, how I hear ya! Very funny. Thanks for sharing.

Momza said...

Oh, can I join your Mother-of-7 club?? And it might be just me--but I take every advantage I can when I get the whole "Are they all yours? look! Feel sorry for me? Sure, g'head. Admire me? Bring it on...I am woman hear me roar!

John Taylor Family said...

I hear ya!! I'm still wondering why a 30ish year old gets zits...if you find out let me know!

Michelle Aguilar said...

yes marilyn, howI do know your dilemmas.

Yes how come everyone looks at my feet? And when they see such dry cracked heals, they say "oh you poor lady"! Which might I add, I love to walk barefoot and honestly, growing up here that is not the only part of me that is dry. I have dry hands, hair, face etc. LOL

Why do women look at other women feet/shoes? this acually really drives me nuts LOL

but, pimples at any certain age and especially for menopause, post or otherwise is very common. Hormone related. I am off my hormones now fo 3 months and so far so good.

Ok, and the toilet paper, well yes I completely understand and how about flushing the toilet. I have a wooden sign in their bathroom, that says:" did you think to flush" from that yard sale by your house that the lady does vinyl and raised money that sweet child needing surgeries. Yes and about the babies/stomach issue. Get this when I had Jesus, whom is set to turn 12 next month, the Circle K lady as he was about 2 months old, said to me are you ever going to have that baby. LOL
I had him and fit right back into my size 7 pants.
can't figure it out. LOL

ok, you have to go on my blog in a bit and get this recipe for breakfast cookies. Very healthy and yummy.
How's the gardens? I have flowers just a popping up.

take care

Cassandra said...

I think that they look at your stomach and can't believe that somenone can have seven kids and still look like that.

Alice Wills Gold said...

My hubby and I were at therapy yesterday...our first joint session.

The topic of taking the garbage to the curb lasted a good 15's not just yours who likes to ignore it :)

Suzie said...

All of my answers involve sarcasm and things about dumb people.

lusciouschaos said...

No answers just empathy.