Friday, February 13, 2009

Takin' Care of Bizness

Some loooong overdue business. You see, I met this really nice friend on the internet, Shaila, over at da Bergs and she had a really fun tag. She was assigned a letter and she had to think of ten things she liked that started with that letter and share it on her blog. She gave me the letter "P" uhhhh....well......about two weeks ago. So here goes......
1. Peas. I LOOOOVE peas, but only those tiny frozen petite ones (and my own fresh garden peas)
2. Polka dots. I don't know why, I just love polka dots. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing polka dots but I think they are so cute, and happy and well, they make awesome scrapbook paper!
3. Pearls. I love pearls. I think they are the classic piece of jewelry. They are my next favorite after diamonds. In fact, go see the black pearl necklace TL bought me for our anniversary here. You can barely see them in the photo where I am standing on the stairs.
4. Popcorn. Hot buttered popcorn is the best-sometimes it doesn't like me, but I sure love it!
5. Pioneers. I love family history. I have had some amazing experiences searching for my ancestors and doing their temple work. I have a wonderful heritage. In fact, I think I may be related to 1/2 of Utah.....(but we are descended from the 2nd wife-ha ha)
6. Parents. And of course I love my parents because without them, I wouldn't be here!
7. Perfume. I always forget to wear perfume. I really like it but my third baby was SO allergic to everything, she would itch whenever I wore it, so I got out of the habit of putting it on. (That baby is now 26 years old-guess it's ok for me to wear perfume again)
8. Puffy pancakes. Our name for German pancakes, a family fav for breakfast. My little kids used to call them "puppy pancakes." awwww-so cute.
9. Pie. My favorite pie is Apple Pie a la mode....yummmm
10. Prophets. I am so grateful for living prophets to lead us and guide us.
Welp, that is done. I hope it wasn't too boring, cause it was kinda fun for me!


Allyson said...

The letter of the day!

Yea I don't wear the perfume either and I LOVE puffy, puppy, pancakes---YUMMY!

RhondaLue said...

Black pearls...NICE!

Popcorn also doesn't like me much but I like it!

Great list, I loved it!

Da Bergs said...

NICE post!!! And, I would LOVE some BLACK pearls!!! Lucky girl.

Da Bergs said...

PS I am excited for you and your new calling!!!