Friday, February 20, 2009

Where Do We Stand?

Last night TL & I were having a discussion regarding our preparedness. He had visited with a friend who serves in a stake presidency here locally and the friend was really concerned because they had discovered that only 5% of their stake members were prepared. 5%!!!! I couldn't believe it. But then we started discussing how well we are doing in following these guidelines:

First -Have a three month supply of food that is part of your normal daily diet.

Second-store drinking water.

Third-financial reserves

Fourth-longer term supply, i.e. beans, wheat, rice, powdered milk.

After our discussion, I have been analyzing exactly where we are. I need to do better. I have been so distracted with other things lately that I've lost some of the focus. We have a good start, but I can definitely improve in all these areas.

So where do you stand?


Kassi Jane said...

we stand at going to die withen a couple months if i dont get started soon!

kristie said...

If something happened tomorrow, we could survive for a little while. We are not prepared for a long time. BUT, we are working on it. I love the food network blogs you posted about.

Next month my ward has the canner. Any suggestions on things to can -- for a beginner?

Allyson said...

Well still a work in progress for us too! I think we could survive 5 months-ish......our stake is working really hard on this, so I'm trying to do all the monthly goals they give us

John Taylor Family said...

Food storage is my baby...Our family has had to use it time and time again!

I will admit that we need to work on #2 and #3, but we are sitting pretty good right now :)

jen said...

Mom, if you have work to do that I am seriously in trouble over here! I need to get back on the wagon for sure.

Patrice said...

I go in spurts, and then use up my storage. To make it more manageable, Rich and I have selected certain items to get each month in addition to food (water, update 72 hour kits, etc.) Let's hope the second coming isn't before December!!

Anonymous said...

I just talked about this today on
I have the cash reserves, about 2 weeks of things we eat and about 2 months of longer term storage. I need to do better as well. I also just check and I have $507. in cash stashed in case of emergency. The recommended amount was $500. It didn't take that long. When someone paid me back for something in cash, I just stuck it in the drawer. They recommended that your stash contain some small bills as in an emergency, they may not be able to make change.
Thanks for the reminders.
All the best.

RhondaLue said...

always improving and trying to follow the counsel. That's where I stand. Started too late but doing my best to catch up. Not ready yet, have a long way to go.

Alice Wills Gold said...

3 months - check, water - check, constantly building to one year - check, cash reserve - NEEDED you want to send me some? just kidding.