Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Help Me....I'm Trying to Have Patience...

But my kids at home are driving me crazy right now!!!
I know-this photo is enough to frighten anyone!

No school.
No jobs.
Having to ask them 5 times to do something for me, and then they get annoyed and wonder why I'm nagging them!
Sleeping in until 10 am.
Except for the one who has to get up at 5 am to get to swim practice (she gets herself up)
But then I'm awake until 1 am the night before waiting for the oldest kid to get home.
And it's only June 4th.
Don't tell me to ground them. More than half of them are legal adults.
These guys are good kids, really........I'm telling myself this 100 times a day....
But then I see this:
Or this:
Or this:

Gosh, dang-it, how can you get mad at that cute face?

And Steve just got accepted to BYU for the summer.

So what's a mother to do?



Granny J said...

Here's my philosophy (sp?) on that:
Keep (gently but firmly) requiring more and more from them and they will WANT to move out! (Have them ALL of the errands, the air conditioner could "break" only in their room, only hot (in your case) water in their bathroom, etc. ;) We joke about moving our children to the basement bedroom where it's cold, damp and buggy...we actually call it the "hole" and encouraged our children to find better accommedations quickly!;) I love the pic., I have so been there!

Momza said...

I am right there with you. I was starting to feel guilty, but thanks to you, I know I'm just normal...relatively speaking.

Jessica said...

I have seen that face FOR REAL, not just for a picture. Don't mess with her :)

Granny J said...

hey this is kassi on granny J computer that is so funny i am laughing so hard!

Patrice said...

I am so glad we are heading out to NY for a while. It is so hard to entertain them all every day -- we didn't do classes knowing we would be gone most of the summer.

Send some this way and I'll put them to work!

Reno said...

I feel your pain. I have a 20 year old living at home. In the basement. Her fellow is leaving on a mission soon so unless something strange happens- she'll be with us for two more years.
My youngest boy is 15, which is still a workable age. Whew.

GGMA said...

Hang in there! Summer only lasts 3 months!

ginnyc said...

oh my heck! I'm laughing my head off! Too funny. LOVE the pic! hee hee

angieinpink said...

i love this post with all my heart. (:

Suzie said...

This is truly your best post to date. So hilarious.
and I feel your pain!

That basil in the post below is making me wish for that scratch and smell blog but not as much as that newborn babe.
So sweet.

have fun at your house!

RhondaLue said...

Ok that was a GREAT PHOTO!!! (I might be a little scared!)

Funny story: My kids have been going at it BAAAAAAAAD the last few days. I'm enjoying the summer but I need a break for a day or something. ugh. Anyway, so we've been in the midst of painting and re-hanging wall pictures. I was in the middle of hanging a picture with my hammer and nails when the older boys started screaming and yelling in their room. I'd ignore it for a while but one was yelling "HELP ME MOM!" So I run in with my mad face because they're at it *again* and they got a super scared look. That's when I realized I was holding a hammer up and sporting a mean face! They didn't really think I was going to beat them with a hammer did they?!?! But I guess a little fear can't hurt. lol

Keep on keepin' on.

Amy said...

Cue music from "Psycho"! Mom, you're hilarious. I can't wait for summer to end just cuz it's so stinkin hot. But looks like you could use some peace and quiet! I'll come yell at them for ya. :)

LaSchelle and Kurt said...

AMEN sister! Do you have an extra knife for me?

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Yes:) I can relate, I just about love "my cookies" the other day also! I just have to indulge in an abundance of chocolate to soothe my soul :)


Alicia Robbins said...

I remember those days so I thought that when they slept through the night at babies, that would be the end of sleep deprevation, WRONG! It was far worse as teens. I think they had an organization going to plan who would come home when to assure the least amount of sleep for me. They just didn't get that I couldn't sleep well until they were safely in no matter how old they were.
And such a cute young man. He won me over carrying his "Preach my Gospel". Tell him to keep at it. he'll be so glad on his mission.
Have a great day.
Sister Alicia Robbins
Ohio Cincinnati Mission wife