Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Headline News: Large Family Terrorizing the Beaches of Southern California!

Our Story has It All!
Special Effects!
Heart-warming Moments!
And even a little romance......♥♥♥


Granny J said...

Wow...do you need a vacation to recover? Looks like you guys had fun. Do you remember last year there were reports of freekishly large waves in So. Cal.? This year I heard about a multitude of stingrays and thought, "Oh no, I hope Marilyn's family are all ok." Your family vacation stresses me out! JK!!!! Actually I'm headed your way this weekend...and dreading the heat!

GGMA said...

Keep the pictures coming. They look like they are having fun.

Kerin said...

Love the 'romance' picture! Wow even a sunset to back-light them :)
Are you still shaking sand out of your flip-flops??

Kassi Jane said...

what a cute post

Annie said...

wow! what a great way to summarize your vacation in pictures and just a few words! Looks like you all had tons of fun! :)