Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Interrupt this Vacation Narrative to Share a Photo of Elder D!

Out berry pickin' in Sitka Alaska.
Sent by his favorite convert, Paula.
(she's my favorite too cuz she watches over him, feeds him and sends me photos of him!)


GGMA said...

Is he putting on weight? Alaska must agree with him.wniels

Joy For Your Journey said...

Great picture!! It looks like he is enjoying the warmer weather and sunlight.

Your vacation pictures look so cute!! It appears you all had a great time.

Momza said...

I hear Alaskan summers are wonderful!
So glad you have an angel watching over your boy!

Kerin said...

Boy oh boy! I love the missionary pictures!
I just love when other moms just know how much we miss our missionaries, and they step in an take care of them!!:)
He'll miss the berries when he gets home :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

They have these berries in Alaska called Salmon Berries. Tell him to enjoy them while they last, he'll never find them anywhere else. Yummy!

jen said...

Awww. I miss him. And I'm jealous of berry picking.

Patrice said...

Oh, it's beautiful . . . no snow!

Momza said...

So my Nana stopped by for lunch today and said, "I wrote Elder L.(leaving off the name for your sake) finally."
I look at her, having no idea who she is talking about.
"You know. Elder Alaska. Your blogging friends' son."
The light switched on...O YEAH!
She asked how long it takes to get a letter to you know?