Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Blathering on Wednesday Morning

I've got too many projects I want to do and not enough time to do them.....
Working on one right now..
But I can't share cuz it's a gift!
But I promise I will soon.

Music on blogs kinda drives me crazy.
Sometimes I go Kerin's blog on purpose several times a day.
Just to listen to her playlist.
Because I love to listen to it.

It rained last night!!
Hip hip hooray.
The thirsty desert soil is soaking it up.

I'm kinda obsessed with healthy eating.
(my kids are saying-duh-right now)
I probably should share more stuff about it.
Because it does take up a lot of my mental time.

I always get kinda depressed at the end of July/August.
I think it's kinda of like the gloominess people feel
who live in the Northern climes
and have cabin fever.

My house was full of people yesterday.
It was really fun.
But boy howdy...
I'm feeling it today.
I think I'm getting arthur-itis.

The wedding invites are piling up again.
It seems like we are busy every weekend.
With stuff.
Maybe another vacation is in order?????

I have the cutest grandkids in the universe.
One sentence pretty much covers that thought.

It's time to clean out the refrigerator.
I have no fresh fruit to speak of in the house.
Except the brown bananas.

And that's all.


Patrice said...

Healthy banana bread here we come!

Kerin said...

Good Morning Marilyn!
I wish I was a girl obsessed with healthy eating ! You should share more about it and maybe I could learn and be motivated :)
I have been bummed out too; far too many irons in the fire right now, and not one answer that is 100%. I try (a million times a day) to remember that Heavenly Father will bless me according to his will. I just have to be patient (not one of my strong points).
Glad you like the music :) I leave the box at the top on my blog just so that people don't have to look very far to shut it off or to play it.
Hope you have a great day and do something fun !

Connie said...

I agree about Kerin's music. I also need to clean out my fridge but instead I'm on the computer!
I was just thinking about taking a vacation, only stay at home and not let any one know i'm here. No phone calls, no RS meetings, just do what I want to do.
Hope you have a great day.

Reno said...

My heart skipped a beat when you said that about getting gloomy in July/August. I am normally a very upbeat person but this time of the year I feel very blah and...gloomy. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone.
I would also love to hear more about your eating habits. And any suggestions on fighting that gloominess.

jen said...

Seriously end of the summer gloom going on here....ready for our schedule back & the kids not to be right on top of eachother.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I have EIGHT wedding announcements on my fridge right now and more that will be coming soon. It is crazy. One girl in our stake just got engaged to her recently returned missionary and gave her mother 18 days to get a wedding together!!

I get depressed this time of year as well, but I know why. It is because the girls are going back to school and leaving me home alone all day. I don't do well in a quiet home. I like having people around me.

And I agree that you should share more about your healthy eating!!