Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Birthday

Okay, so I know I'm going to get in serious trouble because I've not wished EVERY person in my family Happy Birthday on their special day on my blog.

Because some days I'm brain dead or I don't think ahead, or I think my name is Fred, or....(just trying to keep it rhyming here.....)
Double awwww.
Gotta insert the photos from the geeky phase.
Okay, here's a nice studly photo.....
With his favorite missionary comp.
And now his favorite eternal comp.....

Happy Birthday Steve!

(I can hear him saying, you did it mom cuz I'm your favorite kid.)
(No, you're not my favorite kid, just my favorite second son, fifth kid.)
(You had too much colic as a baby to be my favorite kid)


Patrice said...


Amy said...

What a geek.
And a stud.
Love this kid!
Happy Birthday, Steve-O!

Jen said...

Sweet shot with the French Horn. Hahaha. Happy birthday Steaver Beaver!

Jessica said...

That's because I'm the favorite. Bwaaahahahahahah

Momza said...

lol! "too much colic to be my favorite kid"
hilarious. hope his day was great!