Monday, March 21, 2011

I Ain't no Pioneer

So what's the worst thing that can happen on a Saturday night?
You get a water leak under your sink.
At 9:30 pm.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
We are gone all day Sunday.
We don't know any cheap plumbers that work on Sunday.

So TL jerry-rigged the faucet so I wouldn't absentmindedly turn on the faucet and create a flood.
(oh I wouldn't do that would I?)
Then later Sunday night he realized he could have turned off the water underneath the sink.
(I think our minds work exactly the same way)

So the pitcher to my right is my water source, which I have to collect on a very regular basis out of the bathtub.
And I sit and wait all day for the plumber to arrive, to fix the broken pipe and install the new faucet.
(at least I got a new faucet out of this-the old one was on its last legs)
I don't like hauling water.
It's a pain.
I am spoiled rotten.
I think of the African ladies who walk for miles with gallons of water on their heads.
And be grateful for my sink in the middle of my kitchen.

But I will repeat, I ain't no pioneer......


Kerin said...

We are spoiled :)
Love running water, and flushing toilets and washers and dryers too !
Glad some good came of your faucet leek :)

Jessica said...

nothin you can't fix with ducktape...You FORGOT to mention that your lovely middle born child of whom you love so dearly willingly opened her home for you to come and be fed after your long sabbath serving. :)

I am grateful for my running sink - except my isn't working either....I use to think about how grateful I was for water running in my house all the time when we lived at the condo because it frequently would get turned off, often when I needed to do dishes...or wash my hands. I would go and turn it on and nothing would come out - luckily it would be turned on eventually. Oh what would we do without water.