Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Dissect A Brain

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Amy & Bret in our home for a few days. They had been temporarily displaced from their bedroom and we enjoyed their company here! It was great having time to relax and visit without pressures of hurrying home. Bret is knee-deep (waist-high) in dental school right now and it was so fun to hear his enthusiasm about his studies, especially the anatomy & dissection part. Since I have studied and been involved in human anatomy for years through my medical transcription business, I was fascinated as he described the body parts and how he was learning where they are and how they function. To illustrate his point, one morning we were privileged to witness a lecture which I will entitle:
"How to Dissect the Brain
Using a Grapefruit as an Example"

Notice the happy face on the "person" grapefruit. I don't think if that was my brain, I would have that happy face. He's using the "scalpel" to carefully "carve" the scalp.
Now he's removed the scalp.
Now he's preparing to remove the "brain."

Okay, that's probably TMI and hopefully no one has lost their breakfast/lunch/dinner at this point, but it was fun (and hysterically funny) to hear his play-by-play explanation and see his enthusiasm for his work and studies.

Don't worry, he is not going to be a brain surgeon any time in the near future, just drilling holes in unsuspecting teeth........


Amy said...

Hahahahaha! I love this guy. He's so cute when he talks about cadaver dissection.

I tried to upload the video of this, but it was taking FOR E VER. As in, hours.

So I gave up. Maybe I'll try again another time.

Granny J said...

Marilyn...I just had to chuckle...your anatamy lessons are so neat and symbolic! The same sort of operation around here usually involves a chainsaw and someone saying, "Stand back!"


Really?! ;)

Jessica said...

no pics was SOOOO funny to watch though.

Jessica said...

nevermind - the pics loaded. :)