Thursday, March 31, 2011

On this Final Day of March......

I'm thinking of African Daisies.
I love African daisies.
There are people in my neighborhood who actually plan ahead, wayyy ahead.
And toss out the African daisy seeds in their yards in the fall,
So that in springtime the whole world can enjoy their blossoms.
And these daisies are clever.
Because they will grow again next year, reseeding themselves!

I'm just not clever enough in October.
To think about African Daisies in March.

The appearance of African daisies in my neighborhood is always bittersweet.
Because it means that springtime is here.
The smell of citrus blossoms perfuming the air.
The days are a little longer.
And the soft smell of fresh air blows through the house.

And hellish days of summer are coming reallll soon.
When we have the smell of recycled air conditioning wafting through the house.

1 comment:

Momza said...

Spring is lovely in Phoenix. I had Daisie on April 2nd--Conference Sunday--at home. I vividly recall the smell of orange blossoms in the bachyard while I was walking around in labor. Those daisies are beautiful. Enjoy them while they last!