Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Week's Recap

Got the new faucet installed, trying to get used to the new one.
Picking (and eating) lots of peas these days.

The tomatoes look happy. They are starting to produce flowers!

This poor little guy bashed his face a few more times this week.

We finally christened our new firepit. (a Christmas gift).. What is it about fire that is so mesmerizing?
Our March birthday kids.
(We added a new one last year!)
Jen launched her new web site!

Love me some zumba!!! We started a zumba class in the branch this week. Super fun-but my body is protesting!
I'm learning more about essential oils. Wow I'm so amazed that Heavenly Father gave us all we need to be healthy and prosper on this earth!
Finished (finally!) this soft, sweet, cuddly blue yummyness for our newest grandbaby, arriving in about six weeks or so!

So what was the highlight of your week????


Kerin said...

Seems that you had a very busy, but fun week.
So, did you make smores in your firepit ?
I too love doTerra oils! One of my dear friends intoduced me to them. Her daughter is one of the three founders of the company. It has been so nice to have them and use them. One of my favorites is Lemon.... I use it daily.
I have to admit, the highlight of my week was a trip to the dump!
It is soooo great to be getting things cleaned up around here. I can hardly wait for warm weather and planting and landscaping!
Have a great Saturday.

Jessica said...

Loved the fire pit! That was so fun.