Saturday, March 1, 2008

Can I Take Back Yesterday

I'm wishin' now that I didn't have an extra day this year. Plan A for the day had to be changed rapidly within the first 30 minutes, then morphing to Plan B, C, and D by mid morning. By 3:00 PM I had decided to chill and see what Oprah was doing (I watch Oprah about 3 times a year). Before Oprah was half way through my dear Bubba D strolled in and announced that he had been assaulted after school. Gaaaa.. (mom-don't worry-he's ok) I spent the next 1 1/2 hours chatting back and forth with TL, Son and police officer. The story got curiouser and curiouser the more details I pulled out of Bubba D-seems he did something really dumb a couple of weeks ago that instigated the whole thing.....but that shouldn't have been cause for him to be assaulted and threatened......anywho...

So what did I do yesterday?

Cleaned out a junky cupboard that was bugging me.

Turned in a jar of change hanging around and netted $29.15 for my 72 hour kit backback.

Spent some time with Great-Grandma Emeline. I have been trying to transcribe her diary for a long time

I learned some interesting things about Emeline in the hour I spent with her:

She was about my age when she was writing her journal.
We had some of the same church callings.
Her son was valedictorian at the BYC in 1914 (my grandpa)
(have you ever noticed that the old timers call it the BYC or the BYU??)
She mentions seeing people I have read about in history-Pres. Joseph F. Smith, B.H. Roberts just to name a couple
I have her sewing machine (that she mentions in her journal)

Welp, I guess yesterday wasn't too big of a bust. So here's the deal. I'll print out the names of the people that commented at 5:00 PM today (so you still have time) and draw a name out of a hat to win the big prize....... Happy March!


kristie said...

Hey, I did some fun activities with my kids and hubby yesterday. Check out my blog to see the details!!

Diane said...

My greats called it "The BY". I always thought it was so cute!

Diane said...

Oh dear, I neglected to comment on yesterday! It felt like a Saturday to me and I did those kind of things. So today is my 'extra' day and I'm off to a Stake Women's Enrichment. I think it will be a treat, my first in the states in almost 20 years!

JMTaylor said...

This world is scary. You even have to watch how you look at someone ... cause that could cause problems. Hope everything turned out ok!