Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our lawn sprinkler system is out of whack. It won't turn on when it is supposed to. It won't turn off when it is supposed to. So I have to go out and manually figure out how to turn the dang thing off and on. Isn't that why we paid GOOD money for a sprinkler system? So I don't have think about this manual labor???

Don't even get me started on the pool right now....


Jill said...

At our last house, we didn't even have a sprinkler system........ I guess that's not completely true, we had one, it was called ME.
I had to go set up a sprinkler with the hose in the back yard, and then one in the front yard, set the timer for 20 minutes, go out and move the sprinklers, set the timer for another 20 get the picture. I didn't always get it done, so we had a bunch of dead lawn.
In our current house we have a lovely sprinkler system with a timer on it.


Spin said...

just the thought of having sprinklers on - broken or not - would absolutely excite me right now. but good luck

Alice Wills Gold said...

This is not a joke, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE has sprinklers in East TN....I know we are a wierd world out here.