Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Have a Photo shoot With Six Children Five and Under

First you give them cool props like bunny ears. No, you didn't count wrong. There are five. No way was #6 going to put on dumb bunny ears for a photo. The guy's got a little pride, ya' know?

Then you try all kinds of tricks to get them to look at the camera, including dangling a floating foot in front of them. Notice how it doesn't work.
Then you make weird noises with your mouth, whistle, trill, scream, then clap and weird they stay put and smile perty for the camera?


So then you give up and take photos one at a time....of the ones that will sit still long enough to pose.

Uh, well, that sorta works.

Ahh, finally one who knows how to sit still and look at the camera.


JMTaylor said...

Oh how fun for you! Your grandkids are just adorable!

Kassi Jane said...

Those bunny ears are so cute!!!

Allyson said...

Cute....when you master the group photos, let us all in on your secrets!!!

kristie said...

How fun. Taking pictures with kids is a hoot. They look adorable.

sandalloons40 said...

Oh my, this last child looks like you. Oh how adorable. Where was the #6?
HOw sweet!

Nancy Face said... cute! :)

I LOVE the dangling foot thing.

Jill said...

You should just take 6 individual photos, and photoshop them

Way cute kids! It would have been fun to have a video of their antics during the photo session.

DH wants to take a nice photo of the kids tomorrow in their new Easter outfits. Even though our kids are much older than your grandchildren, I expect pretty much the same thing to happen.

Wish us luck.

jen said...

Ha! I didn't get anything better. KIDS!!