Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Photo Essay

Christmas Eve Tradition: Fajitas
Beware of overtired, crazed woman with large knife cutting fajita meat.

The delicious spread......complete with refried beans creating copious amounts of intestinal gas...but surely yummy at the time.

Your mouth is a convenient place to stuff a chip while folding arms for the blessing on the food.

Christmas Morning

Grandpa Santa passing out gifts. (don't forget your glasses so you can read the gift tags)

How many children can we cram on their Pottery Barn type train tables to prove how strong they are? (tables hand crafted by Grandpa Santa for way less than Pottery Barn charges!)

These children were definitely NOT on Santa's naughty list this year...Santa's workshop created:

Tutus for little girls and Darth Vader/superhero capes for little boys....

Pretty aprons for good big girls!

Warm, cuddly quilts for families.Pretty intense games of Mario Kart

We missed ya' this year Elder Steve, but next year this stocking won't be empty!

Santa helped us create warm hearts, full stomachs and happy memories this year!

Huge disclaimer: Quilt tops were created months in advance and sewn on the sewing machine, and my neighbors received goodies this year and Christmas cards did not get sent......Gasp!


Allyson said...

WOW! still even with the quilts being done and no Cards or treats, you've outdone yourself again.

Loving those cute aprons, how fun!

Patrice said...

I am still SUPER impressed! What a fun, crafty Christmas!

jen said...

Ahhh, we are SUPER spoiled, I know it! It was a fabulous Christmas! I love all my goodies! Thank you Mom!!

John Taylor Family said...

I just love Christmas and family! Wow you were a busy little elf this year :)