Monday, December 8, 2008

The Day after Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it's ten days after the fact, but traditionally in my home, the Day After Thanksgiving has been....(not Black Friday shopping) but Decking the Halls. Since there has been a severe lack of Christmas-y type postings I thought it behooved me to get in the spirit of things and share my latest holiday acquisitions....

I have been coveting/drooling over/envying/desiring this 9' pre-lit Christmas tree every year in Costco for the last few years. We finally bit the bullet and got it. It is gorgeous! Except now I need to buy more Christmas decorations to put on it. We put our shorter, 6' tree in the living room, complete with all our sentimental decorations and it looks wonderful! Although I need to move everything up 2 feet to accomodate the curious rug-rats that invade our home occasionally (toddler grandchildren).

Each year I buy something new to decorate the house with at my FAVORITE store The Orange Patch, in Mesa which decks the halls in a truly magnificent way every year. This year my lovely daughters (I include my DIL in this title) bought me these trimmings. I LOVE THEM! They took me with them to pick it all out. It was fun, fun, fun.

For more festive holiday photos, I refer you here, my decking the halls from last year.

(now say a quick prayer for me today since I'm doing my Spanish oral final and I am scared spit-less!)

21 Days: Read the account of Jairus in Matthew 9. Ponder "on a time in your life when you had to search for the Savior to find strength beyond your own."


Allyson said...

good luck

Granny J said...

Beautiful home! What do you do with the tree for 11 months out of the year?

Good luck on the exam!

Patrice said...

I think we'd better go the two-tree route soon. My kids will not give up their sentimental decorations, and I really don't want them to. Yet, I am envious of the gorgeous, big trees. I'll look for sales after Christmas!

da Bergs said...

I LOVE the Ho Ho Ho blocks!!!!

Kassi Jane said...

pretty tree