Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day of the Ultrasounds

Today I woke up with dread and anticipation. How could that be? Because bright and early I was scheduled for the d.r.e.a.d.e.d. p.e.l.v.i.c. u.l.t.r.a.s.o.u.n.d.

"Ma'am, please drink 32 ounces of water one hour prior to your scheduled ultrasound."

Right-o. I can do that. Mission accomplished.

"Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled ultrasound."

Sure 'nuf.

45 minutes later, I am acutely aware of my overfull bladder.

"Ma'am, we seem to have misplaced the requisition for your ultrasound, it will just be a few more minutes....."

Uhh......yeah.....starting to sweat.

A few more minutes later, my name is called, I shuffle back to the room.

30 minutes later, bladder empty, feeling slightly violated, I exit the facility.

Results? The doctor will call.

A few hours later......the phone rings......
The results?


Mari said...

Ugh, I had to have an ultrasound like that once. Lets just say the dr. was running behind and I thought I was going to explode.
Hmm... that may be a story for the blog actually. Perhaps you shall see it at a later date.

Patrice said...

Hurray for a baby girl! Let us know your results as well.

Kassi Jane said...

who's haVEN A BABY?

jen said...

Kasii~NOT me! Haha!

I had one of those kind of ultrasounds once too. YUCKY!!!

Allyson said...


Lori said...

Cool deal Little E will have a playmate! Congrats!

Joyce A said...

Yea! It is the season for girls! Now, Shar's "Morgan" will have a playmate at extended Larsen parties! Congrads!