Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Soggy Harvest

It's been raining since Monday here in the desert Southwest. For those of you who live in Forks, Washington, that may not be a novelty. But, since we have an average of 359.5 sunny days per year here, it is SUCH a treat to have a gray day with moisture. I love listening to the dripping of the eaves and the patter of rain on my roof-as long as it isn't leaking into my house!

I just had to post a photo of my wet harvest last night. Honestly, I'm really not trying to be braggy about this, but I LOVE eating food that we have produced.

I harvested the first cabbage of the season. It was about the size of a large softball-perfect for our Chinese noodle stir-fry along with the onions. We are starting to eat salad greens every day now and it is just so fun to go out and pick a batch, wash it (thoroughly), dress it, sit down and eat it! Fresh tastes so much different than grocery store-it's amazing.

So, now to all of you who are entering your season of snow-I hope I am inspiring you to get a large pot next spring and throw some lettuce seeds in it and grow yourself a little green! (while I weep and wail and cry about my greens going bitter)


Patrice said...

The rain has been soooo fun! The lettuce looks very yummy!

Suzie said...

I love reading all about your garden, produce & lovely things to eat that you have grown.
Keep it up! and enjoy the rain :)

angieinpink said...

you are my hero.
i'm serious.

John Taylor Family said...

I remember the rains in AZ very calming compaired to the Monsoons:)

Nichol said...

Your harvest looks so yummy! Wish it was warm enough her to garden year round but that isn't going to happen. Have you ever tried to can coleslaw? If you are interested I will post it on my blog after Christmas. It is so good and still crisp.