Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

K-for fun today I've decided to answer questions that have come up in the comments section:

Spanish Final-AWESOME! I give all glory, laud and honor to my lovely dialogue partner who managed to calm me down and get my brain functioning so I could speak in coherent (Spanish) sentences. I'm taking Spanish because I have been wanting to learn to speak it forever, and I serve in a Spanish speaking branch-along with my ward calling. I'm going to school for fun and to keep my aging brain functioning and maybe, just maybe graduate from college-but I think I'm taking a little Spanish break now, thinking of maybe taking another academic class next semester.....What should I take?At the end of the Christmas season, the Christmas tree gets crammed back into the box it came in, (why is it they never fit exactly the same way again?) and goes into the garage to await its debut again in 360-ish days.

Random fact about my Christmas tree:

Jessica pointed out to me this afternoon that I have an ASU tree-complete with red and gold decorations, a fact which will make my rabid ASU fans happy. (boo UofA)

Elder Steve is currently serving in Nashville, TN Spanish speaking mission. His arrival date is April 8, 2009. (this is one of my favorite photos of him-taken at the MTC-his first snow!) This is his last Christmas away. His Christmas package got sent off today-and nearly got sent to the wrong address-----(long story) Hooray-one more thing checked off my list.Thanks for the garden love. Now remember, I live in ARIZONA. It freezes maybe 3 days a year here. We grow all our "cold season" veggies now like lettuce. If I tried to grow lettuce in June here-well, who likes wilted lettuce? or no lettuce at all, or very, very bitter lettuce? This is my favorite time of year to garden. I can go outside without being fried like a french fry. I now present a little ditty penned by my talented niece-Miss Mari.

Marilyn Marilyn not so contrarian,

how does your garden grow?

With cabbage heads and lettuce beds

and carrots being pulled from their rows.

Isn't that just the cutest?


Lori said...

hi auntie, sounds like life is good and that you are accomplishing lots. what kind of a degree are you trying to graduate with? maybe one day you and uncle t can serve a mission using that spanish you are learning. love that you all are asu fans, me too. sounds like we will see you all after christmas for the family party. have a great day!

Granny J said...

Congrats on the test!
Love the garden. YUM!

McEwens said...

Lucky you, we have a foot of snow today.... WANNA trade places??

Mari said...

BAAAAA!!! Crazy shout out! Woo hoo!

Patrice said...

Next class: Calculus!

Jessica said...

Hey, we had a salad made from those greens - pretty dang good. better than the salad i am eating right now!

Nancy Face said...

Cute poem! Your Christmas tree is so beautiful...and so is your garden!

Great picture of Elder Steve! :)