Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grandma's Fourth Annual Christmas Party

Yippee, we're going to Grandma's house!

Playing Reindeer Games.....

Fill the stocking relay
First you put a piece of candy on a spoon...

Then you run as fast as you can and put it in the stocking.
Be careful, don't drop the candy!

Yay! Our team won! Guess what the prize was?
The candy from the stocking!

Strike a Reindeer pose....

Playing "Santa Says"  (kinda like Simon Says)

Decorating our gingerbread man cakes

It takes a heap 'o concentration!

I had tons of fun at Grandma's Party!!!


GGMA said...

What a fun thing for grandma to do.

Kassi Jane said...

fun! i wish you were my grandma! haha jk! anywho i love that you guys are always having parties at your house!

Reno said...

Fun Grandma Party! I only have 3 grandkids living nearby but we still have a Grandma's Christmas party. Tons of fun.

Momza said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your fun ideas!!! Wish we were related!