Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snapshots of my Life....or...Wordless Wednesday...Almost

Steve's room after being answered for the dance....the answer is yes, by the way...
A cute tiny little pair of pants left on my dryer.

The empty 1000 yard spool of thread on my sewing table. It was full the first of November.

Decking the halls....furiously....
Doing a wedding for my adorable secretary.....she was an absolutely gorgeous bride. (and if anyone tells you they saw me salsa dancing like a crazy woman at the wedding, I'll deny it to the day I die)
Redoing the visiting teaching lists.............again.
Our newest family missionaries.....attending the farewell.

So life is happening.
I'm kinda wore out.
I've had terrible stomach pains for the last two days.
After a prolonged discussion with my mother,
We decided it's stress.
So how do I stop the stress?????????
But life is good.


Granny J said...

Whew....I've been wondering what's going on over there. That's why I love "snow days"...I go into hibernation for a day or two and it feels great! About the stress...have you tried the site When stress hits me really hard I tap to forgive myself, forgiveness for whoever has stressed me out and for increased love and understanding. (Sometimes I tap so fast and furiously I'm amazed I'm not bruised! ;) ) And even though I really get frustrated (less often now) I have let go of perfection! Expectations can drive you crazy...learn to embrace "what is"! That may sound as if I have given up but I love being aware of my choices and how I handle our Primary kidding....three years ago I would have been yelling at my adult what end...hurt feelings and resentment? Instead I was headache and heartache free! Good luck....don't tap in public or you may get committed!...;)

jen said...

Salsa dancing mother? That I gotta see. ;)

Ok so for the stress you gotta do what I did last night. Peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks with loads of whip cream & a leisurely browse around Barnes & Noble WITHOUT anyone but my own self for company. DIVINE.

GGMA said...

How about Yoga. That is supposed to help you to control your surroundings. I still like the ginger tea.

Patrice said...

When you figure out that stress thing, let me know!

Joy For Your Journey said...

My husband is always telling me to take up yoga. I take my stress in my back and he thinks yoga will de-stress me and cut down on the time he spends giving back rubs. But good luck with that!! At least your life is varied and interesting. Isn't that so much better than boring? And about that salsa dancing. . . sure wish someone had pictures!!

Nancy Face said...

Fun pictures and a great post! :)

Except for the terrible stomach pains...feel better soon!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Whew! I finally got our halls "decked". That's a hard job all on your lonesome. I tried to wait for college girl to come give me a hand but kept tripping over boxes all week.


RhondaLue said...

call in some more (or better) reinforcements. In whatever area (areaS) are stressing you out. You deserve full support!