Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just checking in to report that:

I'm washing the 15+ tablecloths from the latest party.
(I didn't know that being the Relief Society prez included being a wedding/party planner and tablecloth washer).

And Santa's workshop is in full swing today.
Except that I'm sorta making things up as I go.
In duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate........
I work well when I have a pattern.
But when I don't....
It's a tad stressful.

And then I go on the internet and see something and think,
OH, I gotta make that for Christmas!!!
And completely overestimate my time/energy/money demands.
Or I see Heather Bailey's new fabric line, Nicey Jane,
And I must head out to get me some.

And I got my new Williams Sonoma catalog.
And I pretty much want everything in it.
Except I already gave TL my Christmas list.

And I'm trying to get Alaska boy's missionary Christmas package
Off today.
And I'm not quite done with that.
It's hard getting "wow" stuff for a missionary with limited space
And shipping costs.
And missionary rules.

And I've been listening to poor Alyssa hacking and coughing.
Feeling sorry for her.
And hoping I don't get it on Christmas Eve.
(P.S. Rubbing Vicks Vaporub on your feet and chest reaalllly works good!)

And shopping with Jessica @ ToysRUs.
Having a hilarious time.
And getting to give kissies to her baby boy.

And feeling completely relieved that my Sunday lesson
In Spanish.
Is OVER for a few more months.

That's pretty much it for now.


Jessica said...

Shopping was really fun yesterday, despite my running faucet of a nose....

GGMA said...

I'm really jealous. But maybe aging bones will move too slow for such a shopping trip. Have more great times.

Patrice said...

Whew, and I thought my life was stressful! I think I have much lower expectations for myself. P.S. We just did the vicks for Savanna and it worked like a charm!

Momza said...

You run circles around me...I hope you take pics of your projects and share 'em!

Elaine said...

LOL at the RS pres comment!! Too funny! And a SS lesson in Spanish?? AMAZING.


Suzie said...

That is quite a list, of things completed and things yet to do.
Life is so busy!
Yes! Heather Bailey fabric (swoon)
Williams Sonoma! I COULD be a gourmet cook.
Have fun in the workshop. Can't wait to see all the goodies.

Allyson said...

busy, busy, busy!!! Hope you stay healthy....sure is going around!!
can't wait to see all these secret gifts!

Amy said...

Mom you're superwoman. I love you!