Friday, March 26, 2010

Day #26-Two Photos

21 yr old son:

There's nothing to eat in the fridg.


Yes, there is, there's tons of stuff!

Nuh uh.
It's just full of leaves.

Mom, after removing all "leaves" says,

Oh, I guess you're right.


Lori said...

Too just eat to healthy! My kids say the same thing - normally right after I have been grocery shopping!

Momza said...

Ha! I hear that all the stinkin time!
"There's nothin to eat!"
what they mean is:
"there's no sugary, pre-made, preservative-laden junk food that I can eat without cooking, assembling, unwrapping..."

Yet another joy of Motherhood noone told you.

Kassi Jane said...

haha thats funny!

Amy said...

that's hilarious! I was there when he made that observation. I made the same observation. Rabbit food. nothin else. that's okay. Thanks for being a good example!

Patrice said...

Poor kid! Don't send him my way. My refrigerator isn't any better!

Jessica said...

ha! i hear that at my house. except my husband says you didn't buy anything to eat, you only bought stuff to make after I have visited the grocery store.