Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo Day #24

Early morning view of the front porch.
I've waited for years to get it looking like this.
Still a work in progress.
But it makes me happy when I drive up.


Granny J said...

The question you ever sit down and enjoy it? It looks so inviting and warm. (I look out and see a very heavy frost!)

Amy said...

It's purty, mama. I like it. You deserve it!

Lori said...

looks inviting...i need to come by one day and visit with you!

Joy For Your Journey said...

That is your front porch? I want to come and sit on it. I especially love the flowers!

jen said...

Love it! I need to come sit with you & we can watch the kids play in the grass. We'd better hurry before it gets too hot!!