Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Day #11

Creating Compost
Takes patience!
This is all the garden waste
That has been sitting in our composter for months
Not sure if it has been done correctly
But it smells good-like dirt-
And I'm hoping my soil and plants will love it.....


Suzie said...

I am LOVING these shots of the day.
Totally going to borrow the idea very soon.
Well done.

Allyson said...

Just caught up on all your blog entries. I am so loving the retro dress, so cute. I am excited that your family is growing by one more--May???

Patrice said...

I'm not a very patient person. Composting may just drive me crazy. I bet it makes for some yummy veggies!

Amy said...

Yum I love the smell of dirt. Am I weird?