Monday, September 6, 2010

Images from Today

And so it begins.
The first fall garden box planted.
I don't know why it didn't occur to me that I could start off earlier with some summer veggies.
This one has green beans, squash and carrots.
It's always a test of faith to plant those little seeds and hope for the best.
Hopefully I'll have some images of some green sprouts next week.
(If we can keep the birds out!)
One last cantaloupe, literally hanging on for dear life.
I'm hoping it will last until ripeness before the plant fries or we give up and pull it out.
We had 4 delicious sweet cantaloupes this year from one plant!
Not a lot-but a big success from years past.
Delicious Utah peaches!
Waiting to be cut up.
I freeze them for smoothies.
Last week it was raspberries.
Delicious raspberry freezer jam.
And some for smoothies too.
I'm hoping I made enough jam to last a year!
The view out my front door.
I love getting a flag posted on National Holidays.
To remind me of this great country.
The new quilt class I'm headed off to in about an hour!
Can't wait!
(Better hurry up)
And finally, we're having a BIG birthday party for these little guys today!
I can't believe that the one on the left turned ONE yesterday.
And the other little guy will be ONE in about three weeks!

Those Images will be Tomorrow.

P.S. Jen-I took all these photos using my Av mode!! aren't you proud of me?


Connie said...

Those peaches look so good! It's hard to believe you can start a fall garden...jealous!

Enjoy your quilting class!

Kassi Jane said...

That material is so cute!

Momza said...

Busy Busy Busy!!
Colorado peaches are in season and we're putting a dent in them too!
Can't believe your garden is getting ready to go again, while we are preparing for fall in a totally different way.
I want to learn how to quilt. I've been really thinking about it alot lately.

Kerin said...

Great pictures!
It must be great to be able to plant a fall garden! Best of luck and I hope it is a great success!
Love the fabric too! Can't wait to see the finished project.
Have a great day :)

Jen said...

Why yes I am. ;)

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a great life you have!! I love it.

And I asked around about apartments. My husband said they have some for around 800 in Apache Park Ward (in our stake) which is around Bell and 75th-83rd Ave. He said you might find some cheaper closer to the school though. But that is a great ward. The bishop is a dentist, one of the professors from the dental school lives there and his wife and another wife are both students there as well. I wish them the best of luck in both finding a place to live and with school. Fun times!!

Nancy Face said...

Your raised gardens are just beautiful! My hubby really wants to build some, in hopes that he can better control the weeds!

I have lots of frozen sliced peaches in my freezer, and we only use them for an occasional cobbler. It never occurred to me to use them in smoothies! Great idea! :)