Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Confessions

a. There's something that smells really rank in my kitchen.
And I can't figure out where it is.
Ever had that?
A serious investigation needs to ensue.

b.I think I'm coming down with a cold.
I had the achy-breaky flu two weeks ago.
(hence the lack of blogging)
I'm just not ready to face another virus.
(break out the echinacea tea)

c. I hate hot flashes.
Especially when you live in the desert.
'Nuf said.

d. I seriously hate my new dishwasher.
(i can hear gasping from my daughters!)
It's gorgeous.
in all it's stainless steel finery.
It has sufficient space for the dishes if...
You are a widow lady who lives with a cat.
Who never cooks.
And uses paper plates mostly.

But I cook.
And I make messes with pots and pans and beaters.
And we eat off real plates.
And drink water with real glasses.

So off to Sears I went yesterday.
Nearly two hours later....
The new dishwasher will be delivered within 48 hours (business days)

Ok-I think that's enough whining for one day.


GGMA said...

I'm with you. The roof will be done by Christmas, I hope.

Shauna said...

I am new here! Just wanted to say hi :)
Shauna from

Reno said...

a. Hope you find the nasty smell. I hate tracking down those. Plus it can be embarrassing.
b. Hope you don't get sick again.
c. I hear ya on the hot flashes. No fun.
d. Good for you for taking care of that dishwasher. You deserve one that you really like.

Connie said...

a. It happens too often. Hope you find it soon. Could it be the black beans in your fridge? (that's usually what it is in mine)
b. I am feeling achy and jittery like I had some caffeine. Hope I'm not coming down with something. I hope you get feeling better!
c. I know too well the hatred for hot flashes.
d. My dishwasher is 8 years old and won't clean the dishes. I have been washing dishes by hand for the past 2 weeks! Since we bought new windows, I won't be getting a new dishwasher any time soon.

Take care!

Amy said...

Mum, don't you have a magic voodoo essential oil for all this stuff?

hahaha. Jk.

Sorry you're not feeling good, hope it clears up fast.

Amy said...

Oh, and I think the Fry's by my house needs to investigate their foul smell.

It makes me want to barf whenever I approach the entrance.


RhondaLue said...

Dude,the right dishwasher is EVERYTHING! Glad you picked a new one! I run my 2-3 times a day fully loaded!

Hope you figure out the smell soon! ugh!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I hate the rank smell you can't figure out...maybe you will get lucky and when they switch out your dishwashers they will find the dead mouse under there. LOL

Mine is always some nasty potato in the bottom of the bag.

Granny J said...

There is a reek coming out of my garage/workroom RIGHT NOW! Ick! I know what it is but if I try to take it to the dumpster in the dark I may get attacked by a bear or mountain lion! ;)

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Dishwasher what's that...oh yes...ME!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am sorry you have been sick. I hope you are all better now. And good luck finding that nasty smell. I had one of those once. (A few times, actually) But on this time we discovered a rotten bag of once froze veggies under the sink. My son took them out to use as an ice pack and then for some reason thought under the sink would be a good place to put them. It was rank.

And about hot flashes . . . I am just starting to get those only I didn't realize that was what was happening until about #6 when I realized I was the only one complaining about the heat in the house. Fun times.

Julie said...

Maybe the cold (and possibly stuffy nose) is a blessing...from the smell. I would convince my husband that I can't find it because of my cold. Let him find it while you take a hot shower to feel better. just a suggestion.

Kerin said...

Bummer being sick! Hope that you feel better soon !!
Hate to wonder.... hopefully it's not a dead mouse hiding under the refrigerator(speaking from a long ago experience). Boy did that thing stink!! I think he ran in on a cold wintery morning.
Hot flashes in the dessert....yuck!
More like nuclear hot flashes.
Good for you for getting the dishwasher that you needed!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

GGMA said...

Try a half a lemon in your disposal. It works for me!