Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Doldrums

It was 111 degrees yesterday! The summer is sticking it to us, wringing the last bit of sweat out of our bodies. For heaven's sake, enough is enough! It's almost October for cryin' out loud.....

The good news is..

I'm headed north to suck in cool breezes
Smell fall in the air
and see a few changing leaves...
Dampen the hot flashes.....
In the Mother Land of Utah county.
Which of course is imbedded in my DNA.
Gazing up at the amazing mountains.
On the tree streets in Provo.

Maybe summer will blast itself outa here
By the time I come home!


Melissa said...

Hey! You should come visit :D

Connie said...

You'll be in my part of the country where the temperature is in the high 70s! We should all get together for a party!

Connie said...

...however, just a warning. Hot flashes happen here too!

Mo said...

So with you my friend. Way TOO HOT! Have fun in Utah. x

Momza said...

111o? Oh I do not miss those days. You can feel sorry for me when it's
-10o here in February.
It was near 100o in Denver on Sunday!
Almost set a record.
It's supposed to be in the mid 70's here today...summer is hanging on longer than usual here too.
Have a fun safe trip!

Amy said...

One can only hope. Sheesh, it's like the weather is taking vengeance on us for that little bit of below 100 degrees we had a few weeks ago.
Bring the cool air back with you, Mom!!

And maybe a little bit o chocolate? :)

Kerin said...

Hope you have a great time while you're here :)
We have had cooler temps lately, but a lot of smoke. Seems like it blows out in the evenings though.
Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!!

RhondaLue said...

Oh you lucky woman, you! I know, the heat is getting ridiculous!

Oh and to answer your question, no I haven't been to foodwise yet but I really want to! do they offer cooking classes like Shar's where you go and watch them step by step make something?

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, I hear ya!! I am so tired of this heat!! It is driving me crazy. We are going to Utah too, but not until conference. Hopefully I won't wither before then. Have fun on your trip!

kristie said...

I just have to laugh because those of us in Utah have been saying that it is hot here. (It has cooled off this week.) I have become a true Utahan. When did that happen?

Just ME the MOM said...

Hope you're enjoying the cooler (but still pretty warm for this time of year in Utah County!) temps of us here Northerners:)

Enjoy! And it is sooooo gorgeous right now.