Wednesday, August 13, 2008

#1 Oxymoron

Okay-a little poll here-How many of you "stay at home" moms get to really "stay at home"?????
Today I woke up and realized that today I was going to have the luxury of staying home all day-accomplishing things that have been put off-washing every washable textile in my home...and other various and sundry things that I needed/wanted to do............
I really love staying home-I mean I really, really love being at home. I could probably be a hermit.
Which is why, years ago, when the necessity arrived, I decided to start my own stay-at-home business (medical transcription).
In order to "stay at home" I had to leave every morning and pick up micro tapes filled with doctor's voices, bring them home, transcribe them, print them and deliver them back the next day. I did this five days a week, 52 weeks a year for 13 years. And I really can't complain-I did get to "stay at home" and work at home. It wasn't easy-but it was a great blessing.
Then I got smart with technology-figured out how to really work at home, got rid of the docs that still wanted the personal delivery every day so now I could really "stay at home" to work.
The goal of "staying home" today fizzled away by 9:30 when I realized that I didn't have the posterboard necessary to complete the project for Primary Sharing time. No problema, just make a quick trip to pick up the needed item. Returning home, ready to finish the 5th load of towels/rugs/etc. I began to work on my "stay at home" business. Then the printer ran out of ink.......and I got a text message from Alyssa stating that "would I please come to swim practice today so I could pay for her team suit???"
Stay-at-home mom?


Anonymous said...

Love it. Stay at home and working mother. The best of both worlds. I saw you haven't lived until you've participated on a conference call while breastfeeding and entertaining a two year old. Those days are now gone for me but I am still loading laundry between e-mails.

Allyson said...

Yes, I agree, stay at home mom, doesn't sound like you would think....I imagine long baths, good books, lots of scrapbooking, playing with my kids, ect.... but in reality it means cooking meals most complain about, cleaning over and over and over again, grocery shopping, ect...... HOpe you did get to do something you wanted to do today!

Debbie said...

It's so funny to me how quickly my plans for the day can change with kids, and I only have 3. You are AMAZING!!!

John Taylor Family said...

There is no such thing as a stay at home's just mom...and there is a long list describing her!

Spin said...

yes i have never seen the realization of the staying at home part of 'stay at home mom'. but it keeps life hopping and eventful

Jill said...

After driving my kids to school, Karate, ballet, music lessons, scouts and then my other errands to the grocery store, bank, and everywhere else I need to go that day , I end up staying up until the wee hours of the morning to get my actual work done.
Sometimes I feel more like a SADLITCM (spend all day long in the car mom)