Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Twenty years ago, TL confided to me that he had had a dream while on a mission that he was to have 7 children. This was the first I had heard of this, and as I was in the midst of taking care of 5 children, including a very colicky new baby my reply was,

"you're nuts."

I was wrong.

He was right.

15 years ago, with the cord wrapped around her neck a couple of times via C-section delivery-our little "sopresa" arrived.

She is my little girl after two big boys .

She is the "caboose."

She is the "lucky number 7."

She is the "seven is heaven."

She is beautiful, extremely talented and good at pretty much anything she decides to do. It seemed like she was little forever and then all of a sudden, boom, she's half-way grown up!

So happy birthday Miss Liss!


Debbie said...

I got to talk with her a little bit at night on the Trek. She is such a darling girl and I just kept thinking, I hope my daughter turns out as great as her. Happy Birthday!!!

Kassi Jane said...

Yes I totally remember acting like she was our baby when me and jessica would play house. O the memories! Tell her happy birthday