Wednesday, August 27, 2008

College UPdate

me: How was school?
Bubba D: Fine.
me: Did you like your classes?
Bubba: They're fine.
me: Did you know anybody in your classes?
Bubba D: No.
me: Do you have any homework?
Bubba D: Maybe (this means yes)
me: Are there any hot girls in your classes?
Bubba D: yesssss.
Bubba D: I need $233.oo for books.

Can you get a sense of how school is for him? No? Me either.

Me: Thanks for asking what I am taking.....I am taking Spanish 225 this semester. I can only handle one class at a time. This one is (a-hem) a more upper division class, of which I am way more intimidated about because there are several RMs from Spanish speaking missions and others who have lived in Spanish speaking I will really have to work my "old lady" brain this semester. Wish me luck...


McEwens said...

LOL! you make me laugh! So, are you planning a trip to spain? Hence the spanish classes?

Allyson said...

He He....amazing how few words a child can have, except when they need something, like money!

Good luck, although I'm sure you don't need it. Keep us posted!

Mari said...

Ha ha, that sounds like a conversation with Austin.

Kassi Jane said...

boys they just dont talk that much.
You are so good about this whole spanish thing it will be so fun when you go on your mission and totally know spanish!

Lori said...

Good luck! Sounds like D is there to view the scenery, GIRLS! He seems like a typical YOUNG ADULT.