Friday, August 29, 2008

Political Discussions

Do you want to know what the youth of America are thinking? I live with many of the youth of America and this was the discussion about five minutes ago.....If this man gets to be president-heaven forbid---and if he were to die in office, (heaven forbid-don't wish that on anyone!).....

This man would be president (heaven forbid) and if the unthinkable happened...This person would be president!!!

(straight from the lips of Ames.....)



Allyson said...

heaven help us all.....did you see the Obama Bible lesson, Aunt Joyce sent.....He is a real _______!

Amy said...

Bwaaaa ha ha ha!!! So funny! LOOVE the Pelosi picture!

Pedaling said...

the truth is, pelosi and her politics her hunger for power and her lack of concern for this country and its people, are far more scary than her freakiest picture.
it's going to be a rollercoaster ride these next few months.